This few steps can Stop Apps from accessing Facebook data

Facebook, a giant human network that connects people.  As it became huge database for personal data, many applications try to use this information.You can also get to know what information Facebook knows about you. We may have faced this situation many times, while we register with any app with Facebook they may easily set up our account, if we signed with Facebook. As it will be a easy method, we always prefer the same. Today you will learn how to stop apps from accessing Facebook data.
As Facebook takes care about our personal data in the view of security issues, but it can provide permissions to outside applications based on our interest. At times we may have given permission to some apps and we do forget about that. But apps continuously gets our data and can monitor our interests.

However apps can see only your basic data that you provide to Facebook like Name, Email, Date of Birth. So, how to see list of all apps that can access your Facebook profile data? Let’s see.

In order to Know all the apps that can access your data, Facebook has created a seperate section for that. Inorder to see that follow the below steps in Facebook mobile application.

How to check Apps that access your Facebook data:

->> Go to Account Settings in your Facebook mobile app.
->> Then Go to Apps section in it.

Apps path
->> Click on Logged in with Facebook section.

Various options
->> Now you can see all the apps that can access your Facebook information.


How to Revoke App Permissions:

->> After you can see all the apps that can access your Facebook information, click on any app.
->> Now you can restrict the permissions that what app can access your data. You can also change the info that can           access from Facebook and visibility of your data.
->> Click on Remove app and that app cannot access your Facebook data anymore.
You can also turn off directly from all the apps by simply turning off the Platform option available below Logged in with Facebook section.

Turn off
You can also edit the data that others can see on Facebook from Apps other use section. Here, you can restrict each and everything you think it’s private.

Apps edit info
If you receive any notifications from any unknown apps, simply check it in Facebook.
Thanks for your interest. In case if you face any problem, feel free to Contact me 🙂



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