How To Save Facebook Messenger Stories Videos

Facebook has been providing its excellence in Social media platform. People often share videos and photos as their statuses and we like and share our friend’s videos and photos. What if, if you really like and want to download to your gallery. Although there is a save option in Your Facebook account option, that is only you can save to Facebook account. As per security policies, Facebook has removed the feature of saving Status videos in Facebook. Don’t worry there are methods, which you can save Facebook /Messenger Status videos. So let’s see the process of how to save Facebook/Messenger status videos in detail.

Save Facebook Story/ Status videos from PC:

  • Open any best browser, I prefer Google Chrome, if you don’t have check how to download google chrome here.
  • Go to Facebook and log in to your Facebook account. If you don’t have Facebook account, create new account by signing up.
  • Now if you like any video and want to save it to your PC, just open the video and right click on the video.
  • You will get three options. Click on Copy URL and copy the URl from the pop up appear.                                            save facebook status video
  • Now make changes to above copied URL as replace “www” with ‘m’ . So initially it will be like and after it will be like
  • Open new tab and open the edited URL from the same browser session.
  • Now Play the video and right click on the video, you can find “save as” option. Click on it.

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NOTE: In case if you are using any browser other than Google Chrome such as safari browser or IE, then check for the save option, it may be in another way such as “save target as” or “save as”.

That’s it. Your video will be downloaded to PC. If you are struck anywhere in the above process, please ask in the comment section.

This will not be the same procedure for the Facebook in your mobile. Let’s see the process in the next section.

Save Story videos from Facebook app Mobile :

  • Open the Facebook app from your Mobile and log in to your account.
  • Open the video, which you like and want to download to your gallery.
  • In the old version of Facebook, you may find the option to “save” video directly by long tap on the video. But now you can only save the video to your Facebook wish list. So let’s see how to save Status video to your gallery.
  • In order to save the video, first you need to save the video to your wish list.
  • Go to the saved list in your Facebook account and there you can find “download” option upon each video. So just click “download” option, the video will be saved to your Facebook account, but it will be saved offline. You can view the video anytime even with no data costs. Still you are not convinced with the method and want video to your gallery, let’s see that also.                                                                                                                                                save facebook Messenger status video
  • In order to save video directly to your gallery. Download app “Myvideodownloader for Facebook” from Play store. Just open the app and link your Facebook account. You can find “download video” option, just select that option to save video to your gallery.                                                                                                                                                save facebook status video

That’s it, you are done with how to save Facebook status videos to your gallery. You may also like my recent posts how to save WhatsApp status video and save Instagram status video.

How to save videos from Messenger?

  • Open Messenger app or Messenger link from Facebook through web browser and link to your Facebook details (if not linked).
  • If you wish to download a video, which your friend sent to you through Facebook Messenger, follow the below steps.
  •  Open the Messenger video and play the video.
  •  Now you can find “save video” or “download video” option, just click it.                                                                                 save messenger status video

That’s it. Your Facebook Messenger video will be downloaded to your gallery.

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you are struck anywhere, please feel free to comment below or contact me :). Please share with your friends so that they can also be aware of the process of how to save Facebook/Messenger status videos.

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FAQ regarding post “Save Facebook/Messenger Videos”:

Can I directly download Facebook videos to my gallery?

No, you cannot download Facebook videos directly, you need to perform certain tricks which explained in detail above. Please find it.

Do I need any third party application to download videos from Facebook app to Gallery?

Yes, if you do want to download videos to your gallery. However, if you want to save videos offline to your Facebook, no need of any third party app.

Is downloading videos from Facebook same on the browser and mobile app?

No, there is some difference in the process. Please find in my post “ How to save Facebook/Messenger status videos” at


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