Run Different Users In Same Logon Account [ How-To ]

Many of us may faced issues regarding running different users at same time. Suppose if you have logged in to your PC to check your mail or something personal to that account. Now if you want to open another logon, you have to switch user account and open another account to use the necessary files. Instead there is one more trick to use same logon in different internet explorer browser sessions.


This method may not be for normal use, it will more beneficial for corporate people. Yes, let me elaborate. Consider the below scenario that happened in my life.


At time we are not in project, we do not have much systems to use, so we colleagues  use same system one after other to use.  I have logged into my system to check my emails and also my personal dashboard ( which cannot be seen unless logged in, it will be unique for each user ) and my friend to check mails, I have to log off and I have to hand over to him. This continued for many days and faced problem many times.


So I am sharing this method as I don’t want you people to suffer. Quickly let’s jump to point.


How to run different users in same logon ?

Note: You can logon with different users on any of best browsers. Just follow the below steps in order to run different users in same log on.
  •  Press shift and  right click on desired browser shortcut and then select “run as different user” option.

run different users

  •  You will be asked with details of second user account and input the details, that’s it.
Note:  After you close the browser, the temporary login account will be closed and still the default login will be active.
It was done.


In case you face any problem, feel free to contact me:)


Thanks for reading post.

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