Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi

If you are quite familiar towards watching Hollywood movies, you might have come across a smart mirror. The smart mirrors show the proof of advanced technology development in the world. In general, a smart mirror displays the day to day schedule, clock, weather updates, and other crucial updates. Have you ever heard about Raspberry Pi? One of the popular bloggers namely Dylan Pierce has designed and built his own Raspberry Pi. The Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi comprises of a 2-way mirror alongside a monitor back of it. The whole Magic Mirror will be powered using Raspberry Pi and operates using a Chromium Kiosk mode. It takes the data from the web server which is set up on the Raspberry Pi.

This will, in turn, helps the user to update and create their own display. All you need to have is just by using minimal coding skills. The Raspberry Pi version lets you operate your device using larger sizes. However, it is constrained by the size of a TV display screen on the monitor. The future magic mirror shows the prettiest image of yourself on the screen. There is a possibility of making a smart mirror using Raspberry Pi. For doing so, all you need to have is a Raspberry Pi and little DIY [Do it Yourself] work.

magic mirror rasperry pie

Things you Need

If you are seeking to prepare your own Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi, you need to have the following things:

  • Two-way Mirror that fits the size of monitor
  • Computer Screen or Monitor
  • Raspberry Pi along with micro USB Power Cord
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI Cord
  • Network Adapter
  • Wooden Frame
  • Mouse and Keyboard with USB
  • Screws, Liquid Nails

How to Make a Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi yourself?

magic mirror Raspberry Pi

In this post, we have provided a detailed tutorial to make a magic mirror Raspberry Pi:

Selection of the Monitor

First of all, you must choose the computer screen for making Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi. Pick the monitor with a huge screen. Ensure that the monitor has the inputs towards the center point of the monitor instead of the sides.

Pick the Perfect Mirror

For making a magic mirror Raspberry Pi, choosing the right mirror is essentially important. In fact, the two-sided mirrors are identical to plastic and acrylic material. You need to cut the mirror in a variety of ways so as to make fit it on your screen monitor. Purchase a mirror which is quite identical to the monitor’s size. Even if you purchase a big mirror, you can cut it according to the size you actually require.

Build the Case

Just cut the mirror in order to fit the screen of the computer and place it in a case. Make use of some clamps for holding the pieces and use screws towards the sides of the screen. Using this method, you can get a perfect fit. Using this, you will be capable of removing the monitor from the case without any difficulty. Make a hole at the bottom of the case so as to ensure that a power plug fits into it perfectly. At the time of wiring the computer screen and supplying power to the Raspberry Pi, it becomes very much useful.

Frame Building

Initially, you need to have a frame that appears pretty stylish. Make sure that each of the corners of the frame is at 45 degrees angle. Make minimal pocket holes so as to screw into it. Using the liquid nails at the joints, you can make the tool to hold for more number of hours. Keep it aside for drying without using screws.

Attach the Frame to the Case

After keeping all the things at hand, you need to attach the frame to the case. Once you attach the frame to the case, the mirror will let the light to shine it.

Installation of Raspberry Pi

Now, the interesting part comes into play. You need to have a power cord that comes out of the bottom of the case for supplying the power to the Raspberry Pi. It becomes easy if you make use of a 2-way power splitter that provides power to 2 devices at a time. Fit all the remaining components apty at one place using a painters tape. Now, start supplying the power to the computer screen as well as the Raspberry Pi using the one cable. Hook up Raspberry Pi to the computer screen and ethernet it to the router.

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Install Chromium

Using the following commands, you can easily install Chromium:




sudo dpkg -i libgcrypt11_1.5.0-5+deb7u3_armhf.deb

sudo dpkg -i chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra_45.0.2454.85-0ubuntu0.

sudo dpkg -i chromium-browser_45.0.2454.85-0ubuntu0.

Run Chromium after Installation

Autostart settings

sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

Disable Screensaver usign # before the following line
@xscreensaver -no-splash

Next, add the below lines
@xset s off @xset -dpms @xset s noblank /usr/bin/chromium –noerrdialogs –kiosk –incognito “http://localhost”

Save and Exit. Disable the screensaver, power and open Chromium browser in kiosk mode on localhost.

Install the Web server and install MirrorMirror. Using this Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi, you can view the forecast and weather. In addition to this, you can display the data and time and a random greeting.


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