How to Use iMessage on PC – Best Messaging Service

Although people often use Whatsapp and Facebook messenger for messaging sevice, iMessage is unique to it’s service and iOS users never forget it. No need to install any third party applications in order to enjoy messaging services, all iOS devices comes default with iMessage. You can send messages and chat with all your friends who are having iOS devices. One more thing they have released an android application, which performs in much similar way. You can enjoy the iMessage really, but it is not available on Windows PC. So let’s see how to use iMessage on PC.

imessage on PC

How to use iMessage on PC:

There is no direct way to download iMessage on PC or use it. As Apple did not release any Desktop application for Windows PC. It is available for iOS/MAC devices and also on Android Play store. So, we can download iMessage on PC in two ways. One is to download iOS emulator, download iMessage on PC and another is to download Android Emulator, install iMessage and use on Windows PC. Let’s see both the processes.

Download iMessage on Windows PC -Method1 :

ipdaian download

  •  Go to and emulator for Windows as shown below.
  •  After you download setup, find .exe file and install it.
  •  Now run Emulator and then Accept terms and Conditions.
  •  System will take you through the installation process, follow the process to complete the installtion sucessfully.
  •  After successfully installation, open the iMessage on your PC.
  •  Search for iMessage application in ‘search bar’ available and download iMessage, then run it on your PC.

That’s it now you have the most popular messaging application in your Windows PC. Start your iMessage on your PC and enjoy the messaging sevice of Apple.

How to use iMessage on PC – Method 2 :

iMessage on PC

  •  Go to Bluestacks website and download Bluestacks for Windows (Check OS requirements, if any from Google chrome or any browser. Run the downloaded file.
  •  Follow the system instructions to install Bluestacks on you Windows PC.
  •  After successful installation, open Bluestacks.
  •  Now search for iMessage on Play store from Bluestacks and download iMessage, install it.
  •  After successful installation of iMessage, you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC.

That’s it, what are you waiting for… Start iMessage, search for your friends and enjoy the best messaging service.
Hope you enjoyed the post and learned something. In case you got strucked somewhere, feel free to comment below or contact me 🙂

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FAQ Regarding iMessage on PC:

is there any Desktop application for iMessage for Windows PC ?

No, there is no desktop app for iMessage on Windows, however you can download emulators and make iMessage run on your Windows PC.

What is iPadian?

iPadian is iOS emulator, by which you can make your Windows PC into iOS device. As there is no desktop appliation for iMessage for Windows. We use ipadian and make iMessage run on Windows PC.


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