How To Enable Night Light in Windows 10

People often prefer to work late night with laptops and pc facing hours and hours infront of that blue light, which doesn’t make fall asleep fast. One more thing with this blue light is your eyes can feel stress and you may face pain, if you stare for long time infront of laptop especially during night times.

To reduce this effect , previously people often use f.lux app to diminish the light effect and the temperature of colour so that it decreases the blue light effect on our eyes. Now Windows has come up with an update in it’s Windows 10 official version to automatically turn on night light based on our settings. You can also adjust various settings to decrease the colour temperature and various things. So let’s how to enable night light in Windows 10.

How to enable night light in Windows 10:

  •  Click on start button.
  • Click on the settings (gear icon) on the left side of the panel.
  • You will driven to settings page, select System in the given options.

system settings

  • Then click on display from the set of options on the left side.
  • Now enable night light option and save the settings.

Enable night light in Windows 10

If you wish to adjust the colour temperature.

-> Click on the advanced settings option.
-> You can find color temperature option. Click on it
-> Now you can adjust the temperature according to your comfort.

brightness settings

Configure Night light in Windows 10 :

You can also schedule time to which night shift can enable. So that you need not need to set each time. Inorder to that,  you can check with the option schedule time in the display itself and set the time flexible time during which you work.
You can also adjust with the brightness and check with the various options.

Incase you face any problem, feel free to comment below or contact me 🙂

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