Best Hacking Tools for Windows and their Features

In the current day to day life, the usage of the internet has become quite accustomed for every individual. With the rapid usage of mobile phones, people have started accomplishing things via online itself. If you are seeking to carry out any of the tasks, you can simply do it online. Due to the availability of a huge number of Wi-Fi hotspots available at each and every place, internet usage has become quite high. Because of immense internet usage, some of the hackers have started hacking the system using different hacking tools. Some hackers try to crack the passwords and access the internet. For knowledge purpose, some of the folks strive learning the best way to hack a computer system.

Using the best hacking tools, one could easily hack the computer program. In order to hack a computer software, people utilize Linux and also they may introduce some virus in your system. If you wish, Check what all are the types of Computer viruses.As people use Linux often to hack because Linux is the prominent open source operating system. There are a plethora of hacking tools available on the web for all the users. Some of them include Windows, Android, iOS. Besides the mobile platforms, people most commonly use Windows desktop based operating system. So hackers even started introducing virus while transferring the files and downloading some apps like adobe or android apps. Unfortunately, there are only a less number of hacking tools for Windows. Using some of the best hacking tools, you can do the following:

  • Featuring port scanners
  • Web Vulnerability Scanner
  • Password Crackers
  • Forensics tools
  • Social engineering tools

Best Hacking Tools for Windows:

We have prepared a beneficial list of the best hacking tools for Windows of the year 2017. The list gathered here in this article will let you know the best software that an individual can use for the purpose of hacking.

1. Nmap:


Nmap is sometimes referred to as Network Mapper. Nmap is a type of port scanner hacking tool which is an open source tool. This tool is the most efficient tool that lets you discover the effective network and security auditing. These tools are also utilized in popular Hollywood films like Die Hard 4, Matrix Reloaded and a lot more. Some of the platforms wherein Nmap is compatible include Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Key Features:

  • It is one of the best Port scanning Tool.
  • Security Auditing.
  • The key feature of Nmap is Network discovery. This application will collects the raw data from all the users and also the host and then displays all the details of the network.

Supported Operating Systems are Windows, Linux and OS X.

You can get Nmap here.

2. Metasploit:


Metasploit is a complete collection of exploit tools. In short, we can refer it as an infrastructure that can be used to build the custom tools for hacking. Metasploit is the best cyber security tool that lets you find out the vulnerabilities on various platforms. More than lakhs of users use Metasploit tool so as to disclose the flaws in the computer system. This tool supports Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.

Key Features:

  • It is popular penetration tester finds the weaknesses in your system.
  • You can create custom tools in Metasploit framework and create your own network fix system.

Supported Operating systems are Windows, Linux and OS X.

You can download Metasploit here.

3. Acunetix WVS:


Acunetix WVS is the Web Vulnerability Scanner that is capable of scanning and finding out the mistakes in a website. Acunetix WVS is the fast and easy to use tool that enables you to scan various WordPress websites. There could be more than 1200 vulnerabilities on WordPress websites and you can find everything using this tool. Most of the people prefer using Acunetix tool compared to other tools. The supported platforms include Windows XP and above versions of Windows.

Key Features:

  • It can detect over 3000 Web application vulnerabilities.
  • One can scan open source software and also custom built applications.
  • It can detect critical vulnerabilities.

Supported Operating Systems are Windows.

You can download Acunetix here.

4. oclHashcat:

ocl hashcat

If you are exploring the web to find out the best password cracking tools then oclHashcat is the best hacking tool. This is an absolutely free to use hacking tool available on the internet. Hashcat is, in fact, a CPU-based password cracking tool while oclHashcat is the most advanced version of it. Some of the compatible platforms include Linux, Windows and OS X.

Key Features:

  • This application is popular for Advanced password recovery.
  • It will very fast as it runs on Linux kernel.
  • It has great techniques to recover the password. It is advanced Password cracker tool.

Supported Operating systems are Windows, Linux and OS X.

You can download oclHashcat here.

5. Maltego:


Maltego is an exceptional hacker tool that interprets the authentic environment. This hacking tool will link between people, companies, websites, domains, DNS names, IP addresses, documents, and a lot more. Depending on Java, this tool operates in an easy-to-use GUI with the best customization options at the time of scanning. Maltego is an exclusive software utilized for open-source intelligence and forensics, designed and developed by Paterva. It fundamentally emphasizes on presenting a library of transforms for the exploration of data from open sources and envisioning that sort of data in the format of a graph, which is in turn appropriate for link analysis and data mining as well.

Key Features:

  • Continuous data mining and can secure data threats.
  • It continuously monitors and helps in fixing the network failure issues also.
  • It mainly works on the IP addresses, DNS Names, websites and related information.

Supported Operating Systems are Windows.

You can download Maltego here.

6. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner:

nessus - Hacking tools for Windows

It is another best hacking tool that works as a vulnerability scanner for all the users. Tenable Network Security has designed and developed this hacking tool for all the users. If you are planning to use this tool for the personal purpose, you won’t be charged and is completely free. Otherwise, for the purpose of using it in an enterprise, you need to pay the specific cost as prescribed. Nessus has the ability of scanning misconfigurations like missing patches, default passwords and few other blank passwords. In the world, people use Nessus for auditing the business related enterprise devices and applications.

Key Features:

  • It is the most popular tool in Network security and informs about Network issues.
  • It can track on following activities:
    • Denial of TCP/IP attacks.
    • Remote access flaw detection.
    • Alerts in misconfiguration.
    • Searches continuous data.

Supported Operating Systems are Windows, Linux and also OS X.

You can download Nessus scanner here.

Other Hacking Tools

Till now, you have seen details about 6 best hacking tools for Windows. In addition to this, there are many other hacking tools available on the web for all the Windows users. Check the list!

  • Kismet
  • Netstumbler
  • inSSIDer
  • Nessus Remote Security Scanner
  • Social Engineer Toolkit
  • Wireshark

In this posts, we have discussed 6 best hacking tools for Windows. Some of the hacking tools vary based on its performance and the ability it has to hack some kind of a password or some other software program. Check all the tools and make use of them whenever required in a legal way. All this information provided here is purely for knowledge purpose. For more information, you can visit this blog on a regular basis and give away your precious feedback in the space provided below.

Hope you learned something new in this post. In case you have any concern, please feel free to contact me 🙂

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