Facetime For PC : Download Facetime on Windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop

Facetime has been very popular application in Apple, which can instantly connect two iOS devices through video chat/audio chat. Facetime is completely free to use and built-in application that comes with any iOS device/Mac computers. It is probably best communication between people, who use iOS devices, as this service is directly operated by Apple. But unfortunately, Apple has not launched any official application to other Operating systems such as Windows/Android to use Facetime for PC . However, as you can easily run any iOS application on Windows using an iOS emulator.

If you might experience Facetime on any of your iOS device or any of your friend’s iDevice, then you will wish to use that application. Facetime has been reviewed and rated as best video calling service ever. Facetime application acts similar in all environments such as you can connect Facetime from your iPhone to iPad or iPad to Mac. So you can always stay connected with your families and share all your moments lively without any interruption.  By the end of this post, you will be able to download Facetime application on your Windows PC and can interact with your loved ones easily.

Facetime For PC : Download Facetime on Windows 7 8 10 PC / Laptop

Before getting directly to Download Section, check below for the best features of Facetime for PC application.

Best Features of Facetime for PC App:

  • Facetime app provides an advantage of Cross-platform functionality, where users can easily connect from Windows to iPhone, iPad to Mac..
  • As it is free and developed by Apple, any user can use it, provided with some authenticated steps.
  • All the visuals are HD quality and the app will use best of your device resolution.
  • You can make conference calls almost to 10 people even from your Windows Facetime application.
  • You can easily hide/block other users on Facetime, if you do not want to disturb by their calls.
  • All your device contacts will be in sync with this app so that you can just pick your contact right from Facetime application and no more hesitant work.

Required Hardware Specifications to run Facetime on PC :

In order to run Facetime on PC, you need to make sure that your PC has met below Hardware Specs, so you will really experience a smooth operation.

  • All the latest Windows versions starting from Windows Vista should be fine.
  • Your PC must have minimum 2GB RAM.
  • Processor  speed should be atleast single core 1Ghz.
  • You need a Microphone/headset to make video/audio calls through Facetime application.
  • You need to have an active internet connection and also make sure your Webcam works properly.

How to Download Facetime for PC on windows 7 8 10 :

 As Apple has not made any official application of Facetime for Windows/Android,  you cannot directly install Facetime application on your Windows PC. In order to run any iOS application on Windows PC, you need to download and install iOS emulators for Windows, by which you can easily install apps like Garageband for PC, iMessage on PC, iPhoto on PC…  In the below process, I have mentioned iPadian iOS emulator, you can also check for other best iOS emulators for your Windows PC. Follow the below step by step process to download and Install Facetime app for Windows PC.

Facetime for PC on windows 7 8 10

Note:  You cannot use Android emulators such as Bluestacks, as Apple has not launched any Android app.

Steps to Download and Install Facetime for PC:

In the entire process, you will download iPadian iOS emulator and then you will have to download Facetime application through iPadian, which is another iOS Operating System on your Windows PC.

Note:  iPadian Emulator is not  free of cost. This will cost you 20 USD to download and Install iPadian emulator on your PC. However if you do not want to spend money to use Facetime, you can also check alternatives to Facetime for Windows.

  • Click here to download iPadian Emulator on your PC. You need to enter paypal details and pay the required fee to download iPadian.
  • After it got downloaded, Open the downloaded file “iPadian.exe” and follow the onscreen  instructions to successfully install iPadian.
  • Now Open iPadian and choose “App Center” , then search for “Facetime”.

Facetime for PC on windows 7 8 10

  • Now click on Download Facetime and follow instructions to Install Facetime on your PC.

Facetime for PC on windows 7 8 10

  • That’s it. Now you will be able to use Facetime application right from your Windows PC. Also check how to download Safari on Windows.

If you really don’t wanna spend some money on download iPadian emulator and follow all these process, you need not to worry. Even Windows has come up with many popular video/audio calls applications. Check here for the best alternatives to use Facetime for Windows PC.

5 Best Alternatives to use Facetime for Windows PC:

1.Skype for PC:

Alternatives to Skype

Skype is one of the popular Messaging/Video call service application in Windows/Android platforms. Skype uses very low internet usage for making Video/ Audio calls within Skype. Skype is Cross-platform, so you can easily make video calls from PC to Android or PC to PC. It offers robust features, so that you will not Facetime on your Windows PC anymore.

Best Features of Skype:

  • You can make free video/Audio calls from Skype to Skype independent of Platforms.
  • You can also make low cost normal calls to Mobile numbers/ Landlines.
  • Skype also provides Messaging sevice such as MMS/SMS.
  • Unlike Facetime app, you can also perform certain additional things such as sharing screens, sending files with in the session.

You can also download Skype for Windows here.

2.Yahoo Messenger for PC:

download facetime for windows

Yahoo Messenger is also one of the best alternative for Facetime for Windows PC. It works in the same manner and provides all the features such as group conversations, text messages. Yahoo Messenger also works independent of platforms, so that you can freely make calls between Yahoo Users.

Best Features of Yahoo Messenger:

  • You can easily share your photos, files faster than other Messengers.
  • Yahoo has come up with take backs so that you can immediately delete the message that was already sent.
  • One more superb feature is to get abundant of GIF’s for all categories. You can simply make your chat with GIF’s and no more typing messages.
  • You can easily respond messages right from your Email, as Email will be in sync with your Messenger.

You can also Download Yahoo Messenger here.

3.OOvoo Messenger:

Alternatives To

ooVoo is another best alternative to Facetime application on your Windows PC, that allows the users to make funny video chats with their beloved ones. You can make use of the funny emojis and stickers available on ooVoo application.Oovoo  comes with Platform independent so that you can freely connect with your friend on any device. There is a possibility of making free video calls to a total of 12 people simultaneously. You can easily establish connections directly from your contacts. At the time of the ongoing video calls, you can easily select your desired emoji, sticker or the GIFs.

Best Features of OoVoo:

  • Oovoo is platform independent, so that you can easily to all users available on different devices.
  • You can make a conference video call to almost of 12 persons at a time.
  • Their great collection of GIF’s, Emojis is one of the superb functionality here.
  • You can really premium version, which covers much more features. It starts from $2.99 for month.

You can download OoVoo here.

4.Facebook Messenger:

Alternatives To

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites right now, that lets you chat, share photos/videos to friends and also save videos through messenger. The Facebook Inc. has also launched its web version of Messenger application for its users that lets users send instant text messages to their friends and beloved ones irrespective of the distance and platform used by them. You make free voice and video calls via the Messenger web app. Check the best features of Facebook Messenger app:

Best Features of Messenger:

  • You can freely make audio/video calls right from Messenger web app.
  • You can also make use of great collection of Emoji’s/GIFs to have fun with your friends.
  • Unlike Facetime application, you can also share your location, record your calls and share those with your friends.

You can get Facebook Messenger here.

5.Google Hangouts:

Alternatives To

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular and the best VOIP application designed and developed by the tech behemoth, Google Inc. The company has developed this app by blending three amazing product features and integrated them into a single app called Google Hangouts. It is an instant messaging app for your Windows PC that lets you send instant texts and make calls absolutely for free of cost. Google hangouts are available on various mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Features of Google Hangouts:

  • You can make free Video/Audio calls to any of the Hangouts user.
  • Hangouts also comes with Messaging service so that instantly send Audio/Text messages.
  • You can also share photos, GIFs, stickers even while you are making video call.
  • One more great feature is you can add upto 100 friends in a group conversation and also 10 users in video calls.

You can download here.

FAQs regarding Facetime for Windows PC:

Can you use Facetime for PC running windows OS?

Apple has only launched Facetime on iOS/Mac. However, there are tricks to use Facetime on your Windows PC using iPadian iOS emulator to run Facetime iOS app on your Windows PC.

Can  I make Facetime call on PC ?

You can easily make Facetime call by just entering the Mobile number/email address of your friend’s. Then Facetime will make video call to the respective Facetime account.

Does Facetime Android app available ?

No, Apple has not launched Facetime for Android and you cannot use Facetime application on your Android mobile. However, you can check various alternatives to Facetime.

Does Facetime requires Wi-Fi always ?

As a recent update from Apple over iPhone 6, Facetime app checks for Wi-Fi, if it fails, chooses 3G or 4G data automatically so that user can enjoy without any interruption.

Can I retrieve Facetime calls history ?

Yes, It was always backed up on Apple server. You can retrieve Facetime Calls history using Enigma Recovery.

Hope you found the post “Download Facetime for PC” useful. Please feel free to come back in case of any concerns 🙂

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