Facebook Desktop Version Full Site for Android Phones and iOS

Facebook has been one of the most popular social networking site and its usage has been increased on smartphones upto 90%.  People often spend their time reading and downloading Facebook stories to their mobile phone. Facebook has made multiple versions as per the device like mobile version and facebook desktop version with limited features on mobile version. If you open Facebook on your Android/iPhone mobile device, you can see Facebook will redirect it to mobile version. But you cannot get complete Facebook features such as Chat box, Trending news and others. So, let us see how to get Facebook Desktop version with full features on your Mobile device. 

Facebook Desktop Version Full Site for Android and


Facebook Desktop Version

You can check below comparison between Facebook Mobile version and Desktop version. 

Comparision of Features of Facebook versions of Mobile vs Desktop:

  • Now-a-days, Facebook Mobile version has gathered larger audience than Desktop version as mobiles can be used while travelling, public places and can be taken anywhere easily. So, as people easily can access Facebook from their mobile.  
  • Based on this, Facebook has developed ads responsive to mobile and achieved higher click rates through mobile. But, this made a bad experience for mobile users.  
  • Also, Facebook has not given complete features that obtain in Desktop mode as they are not compatible with mobile UI.  
  • Also, Facebook Desktop version works much faster than mobile version in terms of page speed.  
  • Chat box feature is much better in Desktop version and also much more controls are hidden in Mobile version.  
  • Although likes, shares and comments has been increased from Mobile users but writing posts and chat box features are much better in Facebook desktop version. 

Step by Step process for getting Facebook Desktop version for Android and iPhone:

If you normally open Facebook from your mobile browser, it will redirect to link such as “m.facebook.com”, which is a mobile version. So, follow the below process to get Facebook desktop version even from your mobile device.

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 Facebook Desktop version using URL Method:

If you open specific Facebook home page of desktop version, you will be not redirected to mobile version. Follow the below steps to view Facebook desktop version on your mobile device. 

  • Open Facebook mobile version and login to your Facebook account.

Facebook Desktop Version

  • After that, click here for Desktop version from the same browser. . 

Facebook Desktop Version

  • That’s it you will be able to open Facebook desktop version on your mobile device. 

You can also login from your mobile browser and then click on Desktop version URL to open desktop version directly from mobile version. 

Facebook Desktop version using browser request method:

Alternatively, you can also request desktop version from your mobile browsers. Not only Facebook, you can open any webpage in desktop version from your mobile browsers. Check below for step by step process. 

Google chrome for Android users: 

As Google chrome is the popular browser in Android, am using this browser as an example. However, you can use similar process on any other browsers. 

  • Open Google Chrome from your mobile.
  • Click on three dots icon on top right corner to open Menu. 
  • If you scroll down in the options, you can see “Desktop version” checkbox. Check that checkbox. 

Facebook Desktop Version

  • Then you can see your mobile browser will look as desktop browser UI.  
  •  Now if you visit Facebook from this browser, you can see Facebook desktop version will be opened. Start enjoying Facebook on your desktop version. 

Facebook Desktop Version

Safari for iPhone users: 

As Safari is the default browser in iOS devices, this example shows perfect way to open Facebook desktop version from iOS devices also. Follow the below steps to access Facebook desktop version from your mobile device.  

  • Open Safari browser from your iPhone. 
  • If you click for more options, you can see “desktop version” mode. Once you click that your mobile browser will be redirected to Desktop version. 

  • So, once you open Facebook, it will open desktop version itself. 

Facebook Desktop Version

Start Enjoying Facebook Desktop version right on your Android/iOS devices. 

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FAQs for downloading Facebook Desktop version in Mobile: 

Which version of Facebook should I choose for best features and settings? 

In terms of best features and settitngs, You can choose Facebook desktop version itself, as in mobile version you cannot see complete features that are in desktop version. 

Can we open Facebook desktop version from mobile device? 

Yes, you can open Facebook desktop version from Android/iOS devices, you can simply follow the above process to get desktop versiom. 

Is it the same procedure for both Android and iOS devices to view desktop version? 

Yes, the process is same as we are dealing with mobile browsers. However, few settings may differ as different browsers will be used on different plaforms. 

Why Facebook started giving mobile version other than desktop version? 

In terms of mobile ads, Facebook has achieved higher click rates and more audience. So, Facebook is trying to bring more into Mobile version. In near future, almost 90% users will be using Facebook mobile version only. 

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