Download Safari Browser for Windows PC on XP 7 8 10.1

Hello everyone, today we’re going to see a guide on “safari for windows pc”, Is it available or not?. Safari browser was developed by Apple for its own products such as Mac, iPhone, iPad. It is one of the best browsers till the date. It is the second most browser to cover almost 20% of total usage of browsers. Safari has many built-in features such as Safari reader, developer tools, snapback options and much more. Safari browser is very fast and smooth in terms of performance as it is always upgraded to latest JavaScript engine and also give its full support HTML5.

Initially Safari been launched only for iDevices. After receiving good response from iOS/Mac users, it also started expanding Safari to Windows. It also provided its latest updates to Windows version too. As it did not receive much response after its initial launch in Windows and also in order to maintain its uniqueness, it stopped supporting Safari for Windows version. However, you can still install an old version of Safari and use it on Windows Operating Systems.

How to Download Safari for Windows:

Safari for windows download

Before moving directly to download section of Safari on your Windows PC, check the latest and best features of Safari browser.

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Features of Safari for Windows:

  • Web Inspector: This functionality can be well useful for developers to inspect HTML and CSS scripts of web pages right from the Safari browser itself.
  • Safari Reader: Safari came up with best option for avid readers. Using this Safari reader, you can really enjoy distraction free reading.
  • Search Snapback: If you want to go back to initial page, after opening bunch of results then once you click yellow icon in search bar, you will be redirected directly to initial page.
  • HTML5 support: Safari has been upgraded to fully support HTML5 and also flash enabled.
  • Latest JavaScript engine: Apple always works to give a fast and smooth performance. Likely it upgraded Safari to latest JavaScript engine to speed up performance and support to all latest web apps.
  • Extensions support: Safari has been trying to give its users a multi-browser experience by allowing developers to build extensions on Safari so that chrome or any other browsers apps can also be used in Safari browser.
  • URL Navigator: This is a unique feature in Safari browser. You can get all the pages/sub-pages of any URL in the address bar on this browser. You can get suggestions if you right click on URL on address bar.
  • Additional Features: You can also enjoy some other features such as Incognito browsing, password manager(save passwords), built-in dictionary, Quick notes.

You can really feel amazing after checking all these features. So let’s see how to download Safari for Windows

Step by Step process to Download Safari for Windows:

  • Open the following link to download Safari setup on to your PC. Once it is downloaded, double click on .exe file to start the installation process of Safari browser.
  • Accept terms and conditions and click “Next” to continue.
  • You can make sure to uncheck other options if you do not need to install additional software’s along with Safari browser. Click “Next” to continue with the installation process.

Download Safari for Windows


  • You can browse the desired path to install Safari on your PC.

Download Safari for Windows

  • Click “Install” to finish the final step. It will start some processing of setting up some files on to your PC and once it’s done, click “Finish” to complete with Safari installation.

Download Safari for Windows

  • That’s it you are done with download and installation of Safari browser on your Windows PC. Enjoy the great features of Safari browser on your PC.

Download Safari for Windows

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Best alternatives of Safari For windows:

Google Chrome:

Opera Mini for PC

Google chrome is one of the best browsers in Windows and Mac. Chrome has occupied almost 60% of total usage of all browsers. It has many built-in features such as Task manager, password manager, manager multiple Gmail accounts, Incognito browsing, inspecting HTML and CSS scripts on browser and many more. Privacy and security are the key features of Chrome, which has increased its usability for users.

You can download Google Chrome here.

Mozilla Firefox:

Opera Mini for PC

Firefox is also the best alternative for Safari browser, which covers all the best features of Safari. Firefox is platform independent, which is available on all operating systems such as Windows/Android/Mac. Firefox has its own uniqueness in its features and also in usability. Its developer tools feature is the most popular feature i.e. users can also make their own view of web pages by changing the scripts. Firefox has also has many other features such as Incognito browsing, privacy settings, security, fast and smooth performance too.

You can download Mozilla Firefox here.


alternative to Safari for windows download

Opera is always the best browser for its page optimization and low data usage. Opera mini has been the best version of Opera browser, which has almost 100M downloads in Android store. Opera Mini can also be downloaded on to Windows pc with the help of our tutorial. Opera also comes with many awesome features such as VR player, Speed dial for popular web apps, Incognito browsing, password manager, popup blocking and many other features. Opera browser is best known for its data optimization feature.

You can download Opera browser here.

Microsoft Edge:

alternative to Safari for windows download

Microsoft Edge is the default browser that comes with Windows Operating system. Microsoft has been updating the browser regularly and it is very compatible with Windows operating systems. Many websites are developed to be compatible with only Edge browser and for better performance. Most companies use Edge browser as default browser as many web applications are developed solely on Edge. Microsoft Edge also comes with many inbuilt features such as Incognito browsing, task manager, password manager and many other features.

You can get more details here.

FAQs Regarding Safari for Windows:

  1. Can I install Safari on Windows Operating System?

The answer is You can install, As Apple stopped supporting and developing Safari for Windows, this installed version will not get any latest updates and features. But you can use the older version of Safari for Windows Operating System.

  1. Can I get an Official old version of Safari for Windows?

You can get actual version of Safari from some installers or external sites other than You cannot get any official link to download Safari for Windows.

  1. Why did Apple stop supporting Safari for Windows?

There can be reasons for Apple some of may be Safari browser has the lowest share for its usage on Windows, this may incur a loss to Apple. One more reason may be Apple may want to maintain it’s uniqueness to its own products.

  1. What are the best features of Safari browser?

Safari has been the most popular browser on Mac and also on Windows. Check here the best features of Safari such as Web Inspector, Snapback, Extensions support, URL navigator and many more. Check in the features section for more details.

Hope you really find the post “Download safari for Windows” post useful. Please feel free to come back in case of any concerns 🙂


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