GarageBand Apk 2018 : Download Garageband for Android Phones

Garageband for Android is one of the best music application that lets the users create their own music. You can implement some of your unique ideas to create great music using this application. This app is compatible with iOS and Mac OS devices. GarageBand is one of the most popular and prevalent music creation apps available for all the iOS users across the globe. This app is compatible with both iOS and Mac users.In my previous post, I have explained how to download Garageband for Windows. Let’s see how to download Garageband for Android. This app is currently available on Apple iTunes app store so that you can download it absolutely for free of charge. In fact, the developers of Garageband has not yet launched the official app for Android device platform.

There is no official version of GarageBand available for the Android users. However, you don’t have to worry about that. There is a possibility of downloading the GarageBand for Android as an APK version. As I have already mentioned you can download Musically apk easily, in this post you will get to know how to download GarageBand for android. In order to use GarageBand app on your Android or other platforms, you need to download the APK file of Garageband application for free.

Garageband APK Download

Here is everything you need to know about GarageBand app for your Android device. You can even download Garageband app on your Android device for free using the detailed explanation provided below. In this post, we have included the direct APK link to download it for Android device platform. Have a look!

Features of GarageBand App:

Here are some of the excellent features of Garageband app for your Android device:

  • The users can record their favorite music albums or songs based on your choice without any hassle.
  • People can record unlimited songs and tracks for free of cost.
  • This app offers additional effects so as to create impressive music and songs for all the users.
  • Using the amazing controls, the users can handle or control the musical tracks.
  • Using this Garageband app, the users can create music in soothing surroundings.
  • There is a possibility of editing the music tracks or songs on this Garageband application.
  • You can easily create your desired volume, pitch, density and a lot more using Garageband.
  • If you are not satisfied with a particular track, you can edit it using MIDI editor tool available on this app.
  • On this app, you can even find tutorials that let the users learn music and other instruments for free of cost.
  • You can share music through different social media platforms among your friends and followers.
  • The users can share their songs via Facebook, Email, YouTube and SoundCloud music streaming app.
  • This application supports various languages that include English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and much more.

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How To Download GarageBand For Android and Install it:

As the Android version of GarageBand isn’t available for the Android users, you can’t download the APK version. The GarageBand app actually intended for iOS device platform users.

Note : As Garageband is officially not available in Android Play Store. Here are the few alternatives of Garageband for Android.

5 Best GarageBand Alternatives and their Features:

here are some of the top 5 Garageband alternatives for Android phone. they are

1.StageLight: Audio and Midi Daw

Stagelight - Best Garageband alternative

StageLight is one of the best Garage band alternatives to create your own music style in an easy way with many built-in instruments such as drum machine (more than 50 drum kits), over 5 keyboard instruments and also with great features such as

  • Free effects including Equalizer, Compressor, Delay, Flanger and many more effects with pay only use option.
  • Audio Recording
  • MIDI Device Support – You can simply use MIDI link feature to latch all your controllers with any adjustable parameters.
  • You can also share your own music creations through different ways such as online sharing through SoundCloud, Cloud sharing, Stereo Exporting.

You can download StageLight officially through Play store unlike Garageband availability on Android.

2. Music Maker Jam

Musicmaker Jam - Best Garageband alternative

It is considered to be the best alternative to the Garageband in Android based on the user’s reviews and also most advanced features that are very competitive to Garageband. You will be able to create, remix almost all varieties of genres such as EDM, hip-hop, pop, rock and many more. You will be also allowed to participate in Global challenges that can really bring you a competitive experience.

Key things about Music Maker Jam:

  • You will be able to use many studio-quality loops from beats and vocals to basslines.
  • It provides about 300+ Music mix packs including almost all popular genres but many of them are not free, with pay the only option.
  • You can audio record your own vocals and also can remix the tracks by using the gestures provided by them.
  • Sharing your creations on Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp and many more options.

You can download Music Maker Jam officially through Play store, which can fill the gap of Garageband app in Android.

3. Walkband:

WalkBand - Best Garageband alternative

Walkband is also one of the best alternatives for Garageband in Android. It stands in one of the top 3 best music creating apps in Android. It covers almost all the features of Garageband such as Drum kit, Drum Machines, Guitar and also supports MIDI external keyboard through USB. There are some new features added in the latest version of Walkband, which are multitrack voice recording feature and compatibility of the app. As in Garageband, you can also share your wonderful creations to Social media and also cloud storage.

You can download Walkband officially at Play store.

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4. PocketBand – Social DAW:

PocketBand - best garageband alternative

PocketBand is one of the most popular apps for the creation of music in Android. It includes almost all the features of GarageBand such as mixing synths, audio recordings, sampler, Arpeggiator( creating different music patterns with adjusting parameters), almost 35 drumkits and many more. The most efficient feature is that Pocketband works on the basis of cloud-based technology. Also you can share all your recordings and creations to cloud storage, Social media and also can save to local storage.

You can also download PocketBand at Play store.

5. SoundCamp

SoundCamp - Best Garageband alternative

SoundCamp, developed by Samsung Electronics, is also one of the best alternatives for Garageband in Android. With the new version release by SoundCamp, there are many new features added like smart composer(composing by simple drawing), compatible files of DAW, screen recording and many more to come. It also includes various instruments such as Drum Machines, guitars, pianos and also supports MIDI support through USB. You can also share all your creations with your social media sites, cloud storage and also to SD cards.

You can also download SoundCamp at Play Store.

That’s all! This is the simple way to download and install Garageband app on your Android device using the APK file. Hope this tutorial helps the users to create their own music based on their preference. If you have any sort of doubts or queries regarding this GarageBand application for Android, do post the same in the comments section. We try to resolve them or provide the solutions as early as possible.


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