Chromecast Setup 2018 : How to Setup Your New Chromecast?

Chromecast Setup : Google, the giant search engine platform has intended to ease the online life of all the people across the globe. It has aimed to simplify the email services, storage, and other digital related stuff. In the year 2015, Google has launched a streaming dongle namely Chromecast for all the users. Chromecast helps you in Streaming movies and other popular TV shows on your Television has become quite popular these days. In order to stream different movies and videos, it is not possible directly. You need to have Google Chromecast video dongle so as to watch your preferred movies on the big screen. Chromecast is a small finger-sized device that lets you watch any movie or video without any difficulty. It appears mostly like a USB that you can connect it using your PC or Laptop. Once you finish Chromecast Setup, you can stream various videos from YouTube absolutely for free of cost.

chromecast setup

By making use of the Google Chromecast app, the users can easily stream audio and video content right from the small screen to big screen. Once you set up a Chromecast to your mobile phone or laptop, you can easily send any video from YouTube on your mobile device to your big screen. Besides this, you can also send any website on your PC to your large screen. There are the two different ways you can make use of Chromecast app on your device. In this post, we have come up with essential information about the Google Chromecast device for your Android phone or PC. We have explained the best and significant features of Google Chromecast dongle for your PC. In addition, we have even provided each and every detail concerning Google Chromecast. Have a glimpse!

Chromecast Setup in 2018 – Working Method

Chromecast is actually a hardware device designed by Google for rendering the best streaming services for all the people. It allows the users to stream different media related stuff to their Television. This process takes place in a wireless mode for streaming the media content. The media include videos, music, and other stuff. Instead of using the wired connection, the Chromecast device lets the user’s stream videos, images, digital music through a Wi-Fi connection. If in case, you have a video on your mobile device, you can stream the same content directly to your Television using Chromecast in a wireless manner.

Chromecast video dongle works perfectly on any device so as to stream various videos with much ease. You can buy your preferred Google Chromecast device from any e-commerce website at an affordable price range. There are different kinds of dongles wherein HDMI dongle is the most inexpensive and budget-oriented device. The users need not require wire so as to stream videos to your Television. The consumers consider this device as the most affordable HDMI dongle in the market.

This app turns the TVs into extremely smart devices. Later, Google rolled out the second Chromecast 2 device into the digital market in the year 2015. It is quite responsive and high-speed device that streams content at a faster rate. In order to set up the Chromecast device, you can place the plug into an HDMI input on a Television. The users need to download and install the latest version of Google Cast app on their Android phone or iOS device or Windows PC. Make sure that you connect to the same network of internet connection.

Features of Chromecast App :

Here are the significant advantages of Google Chromecast app for your Android device or iOS device. Check out some of the best benefits of Chromecast app for your Android or other platforms.

  • The Chromecast offers the best picture quality in HD clarity.
  • You can set up the device using this Chromecast with much ease.
  • It just takes few seconds so as to connect the device using Chromecast app in a faster way.
  • Streaming any video using the Netflix Chromecast app is flawless.
  • Chromecast app is the extremely popular video streaming device.
  • The Chromecast app allows the users to customise the background of the app using your desired photos, news, and much more content.
  • The users can easily manage the content from their settings.

What content can I Stream on TV using Chromecast Dongle?

If you are seeking to watch your desired content on your Television from your mobile device, you need to have a Chromecast device. It is a small dongle type device that acts as a mediator between the media content on mobile and the Television. All you need to have is a decent Wi-Fi network set in your house. By making use of a wireless router, you can easily stream your desired media to your TV using Chromecast dongle. You can easily stream media from various sources such as the following.

Mobile Phone: In order to stream the content, you can make use of your mobile phone, tablet, etc. In order to stream the media, you should definitely require Chromecast app already installed on your device. If you don’t have a Chromecast app, you can also utilize the Google Cast supported app as an alternative.

Internet Source: Another best medium that helps the users whilst streaming the media stuff is the internet. If you make use of a laptop or computer for streaming the audio and video content, you might be accessing the Chrome browser. The fundamental benefit of the internet streaming is that you can watch your preferred media. In short, it is a mirroring of what you actually view on the system to the Television.

Device Storage: Most of the music or media lovers save a library comprising of songs, video, and audio on their device. You can even stream such type of media files from the folders of your PC to the big screen. The media related stuff present on the external hard drive on your system will be streamed easily using the Chromecast dongle.

This is all you need to know about the exact meaning of Chromecast and its working procedure. For more doubts, you can join the discussion in the below comments section.

Requirements for Chromecast Setup :

  • A Chromecast Device
  • Latest version of Chrome/ Google Home App
  • Your TV / or device should support the HDMI Input
  • And WiFi Network.

Overview of Steps involved :

  • Step 1: Plug in your Chromecast device
  • Step 2: Connect your Chromecast device
  • Step 3: Download the Google Chrome/ Google Home app.
  • Step 4: Set up Chromecast.
  • Step 5: Cast your Videos and Movies to your Device.

Hardware setup of Chromecast:

Follow the below steps to complete the hardware setup of your chromecast device with your Television.

  • First plug the Chromecast device into HDMI slot available of your Television.

Chromecast setup

  • Then insert USB connector,which you will get with the chromecast setup, into the slot of Chromecast.

Chromecast setup

  • Now put the other side of USB connector into the USB slot of your Television. If your Television does not have any USB slot, then you can insert the USB into any power source or adapter, which suites.

Chromecast setup

  • Now the setup is completed, the Google Chromecast should turn on.

Once the setup is completed, change the TV mode into HDMI mode from your TV remote. Now let’s see how to operate the Google Chromecast device through Mac, Android, iOS and also on Windows devices.

How To do Chromecast Setup on Mac:

Follow the below steps if you wish to setup Chromecast on your Mac.

  • In order to setup Chromecast on your Mac, you need to have latest version of Google chrome, download Google chrome for Mac here.
  • Now Go to setup from your Chrome browser.
  • Click on the “Setup your Chromecast using your computer” link.
  • The system will search for all the Chromecast devices near you. You can see the Chromecast device, which is connected to your Television. Click on “Set me up”.
  • In this make sure the setup connects to the WIFI manually, if in case if the system do not connect automatically to wifi. After successful connection, Click next.
  • Now you can confirm with the code on your Television, which should match code on your device. If any mismatch you have start again beggining.
  • You can change the cast name, if you wish.
  • Now the system again will connects to Wifi.  Once the setup is completed, you can see all the cast devices.
  • Click on the cast icon on your browser and start enjoying your casting.

Hope you found this post useful. Please feel free to comment below in case of any concerns.

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