Change Snapchat Username : How to change Snapchat Display Name?

Snapchat is a messaging app invented by Evan Spiegel. snapchat was publicly launched in September 2011.As you do wish to change your Snapchat username seems you are already customer for Snapchat. Before jumping into, how to change Snapchat username let’s have a look at some of the details about snapchat
  • Original author(s): Evan Spiegel; Bobby Murphy; Reggie Brown
  • Initial release date: September 2011
  • Developed by: Snap Inc.
  • Available in: 22 languages
  • Operating system: Android, iOS
  • Size: 65.3 MB (Android); 243.9 MB (iOS)
Make sure the username you wanna change to is available first, To check Snapchat username availability, Open the Snapchat app in your phone and click log out [Again here makesure you remember your username and password before clicking on Log Out].Then you will be redirected to login or signup page. On that page click on signup this time. Enter your First name Last name and Mobile Number and Username [This is where we will get to know your desired username is avaiable or not]. Once you make sure your username availability and still wish to change your Snapchat username, follow the below process.

How to change Snapchat username ?

Before proceeding to change username of Snapchat account, one thing is you cannot change Snapchat username by anyway. However there are some tricks alternatively to change Snapchat username.

Change Snapchat Username

There is no direct process to change Snapchat username. Instead you have to delete your present Snapchat account and then you can create your desired Snapchat account even with same email address. However Your account will be recoverable within 30 days if you login with the same user name and password. So Remember if you delete your snapchat account and don’t login into the same within 30 days your account will be permanently deleted. So be prepared to take a back up of everything you need from this account before hand itself.
Check here how to delete Snapchat account ?
After successful deletion of your present Snapchat account, then create new account with desired username and with same email address.That’s it, you are done with changing Snapchat username.One more thing is if you did not found your desired username and alternatively if you wish to change your display name, then follow below steps.

How to change display name in Snapchat ?

  •  When you swipe down, you will find your profile page and there on the top rightmost corner, you will find an icon resembling the settings icon of your phone, just click on it.

change name

  • Under my account-> select name and here you can change your name and after save it.

check name

  • That’s it you are done with alternative to change Snapchat username.
 save name


Now put your desired name as display name and enjoy seamless features with Snapchat. Snapchat always ensures to keep your Account secured. However, we still see there will many leaks from Snapchat that may be due to simple passwords or you may be using the same password from so long time and someone may stalk on your account. So, why not take one more minute and take a look of how to change Snapchat Password easily in just two steps.
Check the below process on how to change Snapchat Password in step by step manner.

How to Change Snapchat Password:

  • Open and Login to your Snapchat application from your Mobile device then click on Profile icon as shown below.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Now Click on ⚙ gear icon to open settings on your Snapchat application.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Scroll down and Click on “Password”. After you click, you will be asked to enter current password as part of security reasons.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Once you enter your current password and after Snapchat validates it, you will be redirected to new page, where you can change your password.


  • Enter New Password twice in the provided text boxes and then Click on Save.

Change Snapchat Password

  • That’s it. You have successfully changed your Snapchat password. An Email also will be sent to your registered Email-id for security reasons. If you still think that your Snapchat account may be still tricky, then better download your Snapchat data and validate it.

Change Snapchat Password

How to Download your Snapchat Account Data ?

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Once you sign in to Snapchat Account, it collects all your account data including things that you search and browse on Snapchat. So, if you want to check what all data Snapchat has about you then follow the below steps to download your Snapchat data.

  • Open the link  and login using your Snapchat credentials.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Now Click “My Data”.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click on “Submit Request”.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Once your account data is ready they will send the link to your registered Email id.

Change Snapchat Password

  • Open the link to download your account data.

That’s it, validate your account data and change your account settings as your wish.

Also check below FAQs, if you have any concerns regarding Snapchat Username and Display Name.

FAQs Regarding Changing Snapchat Username/Display name:

Can we change Snapchat Username ?

Yes, but you can only do it by deleting your existing Snapchat account and then creating a new Snapchat account with your desired username. Please check the availability of username before proceeding to change your Snapchat username.

Is Display name and Username same ?

No, both are completely different. Username is the identifier of user’s account and will be used for various situations such as URL for user account, to log in to your account. On the other hand, display name is Snapchat uses to display your account to other users on Snapchat. You can change your display name any time without deleting your existing account.

Can we Change Snapchat Display name ?

Yes, you can change your Snapchat Display name to any name you desire. As, display is just used to show your account to other users. So you can directly change your snapchat username with using your current Snapchat account itself.

What are Trophies in Snapchat and How to earn them ?

Trophies are the special achievements you get while you make more fun within Snapchat. You can achieve more trophies by using filters, sharing creative snaps and various other things.

What type of data can we download in Snapchat?

Data you download will contain Username, Display name and browsing history of your account such as your likes, shares, videos…


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