Best OCR Software and Their Features

We are currently living in the digital era that lets the people execute their activities with much ease. When compared to the locations of business and administration, digitization has turned out to be a challenging fact. One must take it as a challenge and try to implement the latest enhancements that we often come across in digital and technological changes. In order to lead in the current advanced technological world, people must and should have basic cognizance about the technology. This is the reason why OCR software has gained immense popularity. Do you have any idea about OCR Software? If not, we are here to explain about OCR Software to all our readers. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. In Short, we often call it as OCR. In fact, OCR is a method of translating the electronic versions of printed documents into machine-encoded text formats.

Best OCR software

The core concept or intention behind this software program is that it lets the users digitize the documents whilst using physical documents. We have a copious count of software programs available on the web that has the ability to execute these. The main intention of the developers of this software package is to turn the text typing a little easier. Well, this of an instance when you are attending an important meeting in your office. You need to take down some vital points that were emphasized at the meeting. It is a challenging task to type all the key points in a Word Document in a short span of time. OCR is the best software that allows the users to implement their activities in a quick and simple way. In this post, we have provided a list of the best OCR Software Programs. Check it out!

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Best OCR Software and Their Features:

1. ABBYY FineReader:

ABBYY FineReader is the be

abbyy finereader

st OCR software tool that lets the users extract the text from different formats of images. ABBYY FineReader offers an easy to use user interface that allows you navigate through this software tool with much ease. Some of the popular compatible image formats of ABBYY FineReader include PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPG, PDF, and DJVU file formats. The supported platforms of ABBYY FineReader are Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Apart from the Windows platform, ABBYY FineReader is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and other higher versions of operating system. If you are looking for a free version, you can make use of this software as a free trial just for a period of 30 days. If you are totally satisfied with the free trial, you can go for the paid version for which you must pay $ 169.99.

You can get the trial version here.

2. Nuance OmniPage:


Nuance OmniPage is another best Optical Character Recognition Software tool that works perfectly on various versions of Windows operating system. It is the best software that renders an excellent cross platform support to all its users. Using this program, the users will get an ability to handle different types of documents with a great ease. Nuance, the widely popular American Software firm has designed and developed this Nuance OmniPage software for all the users. This program provides a huge number of beneficial applications that lets you deal with OCR. This program has the ability to manage a huge lump of documents from several devices at a time. Through this tool, you can edit, search and share various electronic files.

You can get Nuance Omnipage here.

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3. Readiris:


Readiris is another professional OCR software program that offers powerful features to all the users. This tool is pretty much similar to the ABBYY FineReader software in terms of the features. Readiris is compatible with a slew of file formats such as BMP, PNG, PCX, TIFF and a lot more. You can also find both free and premium versions for this tool. The free trial version is just constrianed to 10 days while the paid version starts from $ 99. if you are seeking to extract robust text from the images then, Readiris would become the best option. This OCR solution offers the best support to various input and output formats.

You can get Readiris here.

4. Soda PDF:

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another great OCR software solution that offers hundreds of file choices to all the users. This software program offers the best support to various platforms such as Mac, Windows, and web. You can edit and share an extensive range of photos, files, PDFs, and paper with much ease. This software provides multi-device support for the users. The web and desktop users have the ability to make use of this Soda PDF on their devices. This tool is compatible with more than 300 types of file formats. There is a possibility of outputting the PDF files which is considered as a drawback on Soda PDF. You need to subscribe on an annual basis in order to acquire access to this software program. In order to test this software, you must use a 30 day free trial OCR program and check whether this tool fulfills all your requirements or not.

You can get soda PDF here.

These are some of the best OCR  tools that allows the users extract text from various images. Please feel free to comment below in case of any concerns 🙂

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