3 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC to Run iOS Apps

Do you own an iOS device? If that is the case, the iOS users can easily make use of various apps launched by Apple developers. This becomes totally opposite if you don’t have an Apple iOS device. The iOS devices include iPhone, iPad and other iPod devices. Officially, the Apple hasn’t designed apps that run on any of the platforms apart from iOS. So, the Android, Windows and other device users look for several ways to use iOS based apps. The only solution for such users is to buy iPhone and utilize the apps. It would be totally impossible to purchase the iPhone then and there is start using the apps. So, the next plausible solution is exploring the alternatives. In this post, let us see the best iOS emulators for PC with the features.

Keeping these solutions aside, we have come up with the best way of using various iOS apps on Windows and other platforms. Similar to Android Emulators, there are iOS Emulators available in the market. One of the best possibilities of using iOS apps on Windows is nothing but opting for iPhone or iOS Emulators. Using these emulators, it becomes pretty much simple to run various iOS apps on Windows PC. If you are exploring for the same, you have landed at the right place. We have listed out some of the best iOS Emulators for PC Windows or Computer. Check the list available here!

ios emulator for pc


What is iOS Emulator?

An emulator is one of the best software programs available on the web that lets the users run different iOS apps on Windows and other platforms. An iOS or iPhone emulator allows you to run various apps and games on Windows PC or Computer without having an iPhone. All these emulators allow the users of another platform to run various iOS related apps and games without any difficulty. In order to test the app on iPhone, you need to transfer it and all this is just a time taking procedure. Simply by using the iOSEmulators, you can evade or eliminate this process and use the app directly.

Features of iOS Emulator

Here are some of the stunning features of iOS or iPhone emulators that allow the users run various iOS apps on Windows PC. The users will be able to access various iOS apps and games on their Windows based computers with much ease.

  • At the time of development process, it lets you build various iOS apps.
  • You can easily run the apps on several devices having similar OS.
  • You might find some crucial issues on your app whilst initial testing and design process.
  • The iOS Emulator allows you test the app with various developer tools available on the web.
  • You can acquire the best Xcode development experience after turning out as an iOS Developer program member.
  • The iOS emulators are absolutely free to use using Software Development Kit after the release of latest platform version.
  • No need of having high-fi knowledge about high-end processor systems.
  • Easy to install any of the iOS apps using iOS emulator.
  • It is easy to use iOS Emulator and faster programming feature.

3 Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows:

Check the list of best iOS/iPhone Emulators available on the web for all the Windows PC users.

iPadian iPhone Emulator – Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows:

ios emulator for pc

An iPadian is the best iPhone Emulator for Windows PC that lets you download with much ease. This emulator is available for all the users in 2 different versions. The 1st version of iPadian is absolutely free of cost while the second version is $10. Through the premium version of the iPadian emulator, you can easily run any of the iOS apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp and a lot more. By using the free version of iPadian Emulator, you can only acquire access to apps. We suggest you purchase the premium version by spending $ 10 on it. The premium version of iPadian is completely free from ads. Also check how to get rid of Facebook ads.

By using this emulator, you can easily access the customized app store available in free version. If you purchase the premium version of the iPadian emulator, you can make use of various apps available on Apple iTunes app store. Just download the iPadian emulator on your device and follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation process. Soon after that, run the apps such as iMessage on PC and many more in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 devices.

Smartface – Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows:

ios emulator for pc

Smartface is one of the best iOS emulators for PC, that lets you develop various cross-platform native iOS application. It has abundant features available on it and diminishes the cost of the platform as well. This emulator enhances the productivity, eliminates the dependency and offers various unique mobility solutions for the users. SmartFace iOS emulator also offers complete debugging options for all the iOS apps.

This will eventually aid the app developer in using different apps in a flexible manner. Some of the best features of Smartface include Javascript Library, testing apps and debugging, enterprise plugins and services, single Javascript code base and a lot more. Some other features include supported plugins as an extension of Smartface apps, WYSIWYG Design Editor.

Air iPhone Emulator – Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows:

ios emulator for pc

Air iPhone is the best alternative app to iOS Simulator for Windows. This emulator totally reflects the iPhone’s Graphical User Interface. This means you can use a normal smartphone just like an Apple iOS running device. In order to operate this emulator on your device, you must have the AIR Framework for the applications. Despite Air iPhone being the completely functional app, you might view a slight variation at the time of running the apps. The Air iPhone Emulator totally reinvents the iPhone. However, the difficulty lies within the developers at the time of testing the apps on other devices.

These are some of the best iOS Emulators for Windows PC devices on the internet. Make use of all these emulators and run various iOS apps on different platform devices.

Hope you enjoyed the post Best iOS Emulators for PC, share with your friends so that they can also learn. In case you face any problem, feel free to comment below 🙂


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