How to Choose Best Channel for Wi-Fi

Are you working on a high-speed internet connection? If not, have you ever checked your Wi-Fi Channel? If you are experiencing a low-speed internet at the time of browsing the web or watching any stuff on YouTube then, it might be due to the inappropriate Wi-Fi channel you are using. Most of the time, people start scolding the Internet Service Provider for not providing good internet services. But, you don’t have to worry about the speed of your Wi-Fi. We are here to help you in the best way by letting you know the technique to enhance the Wi-Fi speed. If you are exploring the web to surpass this problematic situation then, here is the right solution we have provided in this post.

People who are using the home networks of their Wi-Fi utilize a slender radio frequency range of about 2.4 GHz in order to transmit the signal. This particular range of frequency will be further disseminated into a range of minute channels pretty identical to the TV channels. As per the range, a total of 14 channels are actually distributed from the 2.4 GHz range. Due to the partial signal range, people often confront channel overlap issues. If the device comes overlapped with other electronic devices then, you will definitely come across interference of wireless networks specifically the home networks using wireless connections.

best channel for wifi

There is a possibility of changing the Wi-Fi Channel of your router. Follow the below steps to change your WiFi channel in the router settings.

  • Log into the web interface of the router on your web browser.
  • Navigate to Settings >> check out the option that says ‘Wi-Fi Channel.
  • You can then select a preferred new Wi-Fi channel.

The immediate question that strikes everyone’s mind is how to choose the best Wi-FI channel. In order to help you guys, we have provided a list of ways to pick the accurate Wi-Fi channel. In this post, we have provided a huge collection of the Best Channel for Wi-Fi here. You can also how to change wifi password.

Why Choose the Best Channel for Wi-Fi?

The main reason for the people to choose the best channel for Wi-Fi is to increase the Wi-Fi speed. All those who are seeking to work on the high-speed internet need to check whether the Wi-Fi channel is the best one or not. The Wi-Fi Channels will vary depending on the platform on which you are using the internet. There is a range of operating systems available for all the people. Some of them include Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and a lot more. Considering the version and the operating system, we have provided the best Channel for Wi-Fi in this post below.

For Android: WiFi Analyzer:

Wifi analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is one of the best applications that enables the Android users while picking the proper channel for Wi-Fi. This app is available for the people on the Google Play Store app store marketplace. WiFi Analyzer offers a summary of the wireless networks that are available in your location. In addition to this, you can view the information about the channels that these wireless networks are utilizing. Wi-Fi Analyzer also renders the best suggestion for all the users regarding the best Wi-Fi channel for their Wi-Fi network. There is a possibility of checking the channel and the rating given to each Wi-Fi channel under the View menu.

Download: You can download here.

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For Windows: Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector:

Xirrus inspector

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is the most popular and powerful tool for the Windows platform users. This app has a simple to use user interface that doesn’t require any sort of installation process. In fact, inSSIDer is the best channel for Wi-Fi on Windows. But, this particular software program has turned out to become a paid software from some time. If you are looking for a free Wi-Fi channel then, Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is the perfect tool for you folks. All you need to do is to launch it on your device. You can simply head over towards locating the channel header. Just tap on the channel header option so as to sort by the Wi-Fi Channel.

Download: You can download here.

For Mac OS X: Wireless Diagnostics:

Wireless diagnostics

Wireless Diagnostics is another best tool that enables the users to find the best Wi-Fi Channel available for that platform. Mac OS X has Wireless Diagnostics feature integrated within this operating system.  You can simply turn on Wireless Diagnostics by following the below steps:

  • Hold the option key and tap on the Wi-Fi icon present on the Menu bar.
  • You can then select Open Wireless Diagnostics >> Windows Menu.
  • Select the Utilities under the Windows menu.
  • Below the Wi-Fi Scan tab, you must tap on Scan Now button.
  • In just a few moments, you can view the best 2.4 GHz Channels and the best 5 Hz channels in the form of recommendations for all the users.
  • You can select the apt network for your router that eventually enhances the Wi-Fi connectivity speed.

These are some of the Best Channels for Wi-Fi for different operating systems. Based on the platform your device operates, you can select the best channel for Wi-Fi.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please feel free to comment below in case of any concerns 🙂


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