6 Best Text Editors and Their Comparisons

If you are a writer or a website designer, you would definitely require the best text editor. For writers or the website creators, the text editor will let the users save their precious time. This will eventually let the users work in an efficient manner. On text editors, you can find various beneficial tools such as syntax highlighting, and a lot more. One of use this feature for carrying out several programming and scripting languages. Another best feature launched recently include auto-complete on the best text editors.

In order to write or develop a website, you must definitely have the best and top-most text editor on your Windows PC. Irrespective of the platform or the operating system you use, you should have a good text editor along with the best Photoshop editors and also image editors such as Snapseed in Android. For handling the code and write notes instantly, you should have the best humble text editor. Using the text editors, one can make use of the best responsive customization options as well as the plugins. Pick the text editor in such a way that it lets you handle multiple documents at a time. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best Text Editors for all the users especially writers or website designers.

1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is one of the most popular and extremely used text editor available for the writers. This is the most familiar text editor that we commonly come across in our day to day professional field. Despite being a programmer, you will be able to know about the Notepad++. There are few best reasons for people using this app at various places. It has acquired immense popularity and renowned among the writers for its best features. Some of them include autocomplete, syntax highlighting, code collapsing and a lot more. One can use Notepad++ as a portable application for running it directly using a USB Stick or cloud storage service.

notepad ++ best Text editors


You can download Notepad++ here.

Pros of NotePad++

  • Light and fast

    • Notepad++ starts almost instantly as it is a very light program. Thus making it a great text editor for users who want something to code as soon as they open the Notepad++.
  • Portable
    • NotePad++ is also available in Portable versions. So you don’t need to install on every computer you use the Editor you can configure once and use it anywhere to edit the code.
  • Supports plugins
    • Massive List of Plugins to get started. NotePad++ has many supporting plugins for every need. If you don’t have any feature you are looking for by default in NotePad++ you can extend by using these Plugins and the best part is you can also create your own Plugins.
  • Syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages
    • Notepad++ has built-in support for syntax highlighting for a wide range of Languages.

Cons of NotePad++

  • Outdated UI
    • Compared to other Code Editors The UI of NotePad++ feels outdated. If the UI is developed it can be more famous.

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another best cross-platform and feature packed text editor available for all the users. On this text editor, you can find various plug-ins and add-ons for particular programming languages. You can find powerful features that let you write the text in the best way. In addition to this, there are tons of keyboard commands available in Sublime Text. It allows you to choose numerous rows for making concurrent changes, customize the shortcuts and carry out the complicated operations in a faster manner. This text editor is compatible on various platforms such as Windows, OS X, and Linux.

sublime text - best Text editors


You can download Sublime Text here.

3. Vim

Vim provides the best features on each platform and it is available for the users absolutely for free of charge. Vim is the best cross-platform tool that allows the programmers to utilize the great interface. This text editor is compatible with a slew of languages for the users. It maintains a history of all the user’s actions that can be repeated and undo them. Some of the features that Vim supports include macro recording, ability to recognize the types of files and a lot more.

Vim - best Text editors


You can download Vim here.

4. Atom

Atom is the current generation text editor that has gained immense praise and appreciation from the users. This text editor is designed in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of the developers. Atom is the most flexible and customizable application which is comparatively new. As of now, Atom is only available for OS X version 10.8 and above. For the Windows and Linux versions, the developers are planning to launch them soon. Atom is an absolutely free to use application.

atom - best Text editors

You can download Atom here.

5. Light Table

Light Table is the fashionable text editor that comes with an integrated browser for previewing the code. If you prefer a text editor all by its appearance, Light Table is a perfect choice. This text editor can be utilized for a coding object. This editor is best suitable for building a website. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac platforms for all the users. Specifically, Light Table text editor works great on Linux device. The Light Table text editor offers a tabbed and paned user interface.

Light Table - best Text editors


You can download Light Table here.

6. Bluefish

Bluefish has the best user interface as it is a cross platform text editor. Bluefish is compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The design of this text editor is lightweight and that’s the reason for its massive popularity. You can carry out this program in a faster way that could handle dozens of files and documents at once. Using this text editor, one can utilize a plenty of tolbars and tabs in the best way. Most of the writers or the website developers doesn’t like this Bluefish due to its button-strewn interface. You can however use this text editor and give it a try.

blue fish- best Text editors

You can download Bluefish here.

These are some of the best text editor s for the people who often look after writing and website developing apps. Hope you have acquired complete information about the text editing apps through this article.

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