13 Best Hacking Apps For Android in 2017

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems available on the web for all the users. In order to get a complete control over Android platform, one must need to know hacking. If you are not a professional hacker, here are some Android Hacking apps that let you access the internet, and get complete hold of the administrator activities. These days, hacking has become quite popular all over the world. There are some people who have great interest towards learning to hack different devices. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best Hacking Apps for Android. Check it out!

Best Free Android Hacking Apps and Tools 2017:

Android has emerged out as the prevalent and widely used mobile OS rolled out for the mobile device users. Depending on the expert reviews, we have generated a list of the topmost Android hacking apps specifically for the ethical hackers and researchers out there. In my previous post, I have listed best hacking tools for Windows, so let’s  Check the list of the best hacking apps for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Also check the best apps to remote control your TV.


WiFiKill is one of the popular and leading Android Hacking Apps. Using this Android Hacking application, one can do amazing things that no one could even predict. WiFiKill app allows the users to kill the Wi-Fi or internet connection of others without any risk. The one whose internet connection is killed won’t be able to access the internet. You can even surprise your friends by using the cool hacking trick through WiFi Kill application.

WifiKill - best hacking apps for android

You can download WiFiKill app here.


It is an acronym for Android and RAT (i.e., Remote Administrative Tools). Long time back, this AndroRAT hacking tool was launched as a client-server application. It is the best tool that the users can use it absolutely for free of cost. AndroRAT allows the users to control the complete Android operating system in a remote manner. This, in turn, lets the users gather the information and other crucial data through it. Once you carry out the boot process, this AndroRAT application runs as a service. You need not have to collaborate with this service.

AndroRAT delivers the expertise for the users to activate the server connected through a phone call or simply an SMS. The features of Android device which can be hacked using AndroRAT include messages, location, call logs and contacts. In addition to this, you can remotely oversee the message received by the target’s device. Some other activities include hacking the condition of the phone, making a phone call, sending messages, capturing photos using the camera, etc. One could even open the URL link through a default browser on the device.

Androidrat - best hacking apps for android

You can download AndroRAT here.

Packet Capture

Packet Capture is another best hacking apps available for all the users on the web. For the Android device users, Packet Capture is the perfect hacking tool. You don’t actually need root access for using this hacking app. The main use of this app is to capture the packets from 3rd party applications. By doing so, one can see the activities going on in the 3rd party app. One can check the apps connected to the internet, ability to send packets to the server and receive required output. Through the Packet Capture hacking tool, one can easily check out the packets that are being sent to the server and the entire process.

packet capture - best hacking apps for android

You can download Packet Capture app here.


Hackode is placed on the top of the list of the best hacking apps for Android. This app is specifically intended for the IT experts, penetration testers, ethical hackers and a lot more. On this app, you can find a total of 3 modules such as Reconnaissance, Scanning and Security Feed. Some of the best operations that one can use with this app include SQL Injection, MySQL Server, Scanning, DNS Dif, Security RSS Feed and a lot more. You don’t need to provide private data for operating on this Hackode.

hackode app - best hacking apps for android

You can download Hackode here.


Xprivacy is another best hacking app for Android device. Using this app, you can easily snoop the IMEI number, device ID and Android ID of a mobile device. For security purpose, various Android apps will verify the IMEI number of the device and send it to the servers. The Xprivacy app needs to have root access so as to operate it on Android phone. For using this app, you must install Xposed Framework on your device. You can snoop the apps like a number of rides on Uber can for free of charge.

xprivacy - best hacking apps for android

You can find the Xprivacy app here.


zANTI is a popular Android hacking app designed by Zimperium. It provides copious tools for easy penetration and testing requirements. This is the best toolkit that lets the security researchers scan the network with much ease. In order to counterfeit an advanced hacking location and spot multiple malicious techniques, the IT administrators can use this zANTI app.

zanti - best hacking apps for android

You can download zANTI here.

Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator is an Android hacking app which is pretty accustomed for the Linux users. You can find this app on various platforms such as Ubuntu, Linux, Mac and other platforms for carrying out different tasks. Different operations on this app can be executed through the commands. Some of the commands let you manage, copy and delete files. Terminal Emulator app is available to download right from the Google Play Store app store for Android users.

terminal emulator - best hacking apps for android

You can download Terminal Emulator here.


AndroDumpper allows the users to hack Wi-Fi of your friends. One can easily hack the internet using WPS Enabled AndroDumpper app. Using this app, you can easily hack the Wi-Fi passwords with much ease. Without rooting your Android device, you can hack the internet. This app is compatible on Android 5 and above versions of operating system.

andro dumper - best hacking apps for android

You can download AndroDumpper here.

Other Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools

Till now, you have checked out the list of the best popular Hacking apps for Android. In addition to the aforementioned hacking apps, check the list of some other best hacking tools for all the Android users.

  • FaceNiff
  • Droidsheep
  • Nmap
  • Shark for Root
  • cSploit

Hope you found this post “Best hacking apps for Android” helpful. In case of any concern please feel free to comment below 🙂

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